Our Vision:

To provide frequent opportunities for the Zulu people to choose a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

By sharing the love of Jesus Christ through a Bible based church and various community development and HIV/AIDS healthcare outreaches, prioritizing partnering with Zulu people to reach their own.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bongeka hiding in the bushes.

It's a blessing to be on the giving end in a situation like ours. God has placed us in a great community to share His love.

Boys will be boys. These pre kindergarten kids have got their wheels now, so watch out!

More playing and that's Zoe in the blue.

Jump ropes, hoola hoops and big green tennis balls were some of the toys we were able to pass on to the kids of the school.

(That's our Bongeka with her hands up)

We were able to purchase some much needed toys for the kids at Olwasini Primary School. These kids have nothing to play with during recess, so it was great to see them with these toys!

This is a 4 year old tree that is at the farm where we bought our trees. We have finally got all 500 trees planted and are working on the irrigation. It takes about 4 years before the first nuts start to grow on the trees.

Hi there. This is our first attempt at our blog. We hope to use it at a means to update you on the ministry here in South Africa. Also to upload photos to the web and then let you copy them to share at church, etc. Let us know what you think.

This is on the hill behind our house. We are plowing rows, preparing to plant the first Macadamia nut trees. We're starting with 500 trees and will continue adding more as time goes by. Our aim is to grow them organically.